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Thoughts & ruminations. Sometimes about drawing, but sometimes about other personal interests.

Thursday, 3/6/08....

brian charles


I've been combing the city for a nice spot to have a coffee (or 20) and write my blog entry for the day. Finally settled into this "Bonte" cafe off of Walnut on 17th. I love the atmosphere. Its feels like its alive. Y'see, the place is below ground level, so looking out the window, you see all these busy feet darting past. Inside, the customers are very relaxed, creaming their coffees and spreading jam on their waffles. Oh, did I mention that the specialty of Bonte is gourmet waffles? Not really interested in that sort of thing, my self. I'm here for a small coffee and a bagel with lite cream cheese (Which came to $3.10...and free refills!).

Just came from another graphic design interview. It was awesome. That place was so busy. It was like a clockwork with humans instead of cogs. People bustling around with stacks of uncut business card, passing CDs around, and juggling three conversations at once (on the phone with random client, telling other employees what needs to be done on that particular job, and "Oh, hello Brian, nice to meet you"). While taking the tour, I kept thinking "I feel at home". It was like the constant buzzing of people trying to perfect artwork AND debating whether or not the Clash is the greatest band ever, has been the soundtrack to my life up to this point. Well...point being, the interview went well. They really seemed to like me, so unless they find out about the whole Infinity Gems fiasco, I think i've got this one.

Some time to kill in center city now. Franck and I have been discussing the whole idea of "blogging". I've come to the conclusion that its an incredible vain thing to do.. No bones about it. But its really fun. My only problem with blogging is that I write for this huge audience ("America" or the "Briamaniacs out there") that doesn't really exhist. I've decided that to build my reader-base, I need to write more interesting enries. Also, I'm going to try to update daily. Before, I'd only update when I had new artwork to discuss, but now, who knows what we'll be talking about...


[If you don't play mtg, don't read this part - Grand Prix is in Philly next weekend! Who's coming? $3500 to the winner and everyone gets a foil Call of the Herd! Wow! I probably won't have the money, or a deck to play unless SOMEONE finds my TEPS deck... Its nice to dream sometimes]